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                                                                THE TEAM  

Here is a brief bio on our team. Everyone was handpicked for their talent and professionalism. Most of our artists have been with us from day one. We love working together and will love working with you.
  1. Kim Poutre-Founder-Owner
    Kim Poutre-Founder-Owner
    Esthetician-Makeup Artist-Stylist
    Kim is an award winning Makeup Artist who's work has been featured in print, TV & runway. She is in high demand for brides wanting "that natural look" She loves making skin "flawless"
  2. Rachel Flaherty-Founder-Owner
    Rachel Flaherty-Founder-Owner
    Licensed Hair Stylist-Hair Stylist
    Rachel Flaherty has been making one of a kind hairstyles for brides for years. She is the "bridal hair whisperer" who can duplicate any style or create one that is just your own.
  3. Amy Topham
    Amy Topham
    Licensed Hair Stylist-Hair Stylist
    Amy is one of the kindest, calmest stylists around. She will keep you relaxed and smiling while she creates that one of a kind look she's known for on your special day.
  4. Kerry Goyette
    Kerry Goyette
    Licensed Hair Stylist-Hair and Makeup Artist
    Kerry is an amazingly talented artist who can get you red carpet ready faster than a blink. Her funny demeanor will have you smiling all the way to the mirror and beyond.
  5. Maryanne Farino
    Maryanne Farino
    Licensed Hair Stylist-Makeup Artist
    Maryanne can take one look at you and already know what you will love. She has the talent and experience to make everyone "put their best face forward" She is in high demand.
  6. Lisa Grisolia
    Lisa Grisolia
    Licensed Esthetician-Hair & Makeup Artist
    Lisa is so versatile, she can do supermodel looks, but also get you "ghoul ready" with special effects. Lisa is also an amazing teacher and lash pro!
  7. Justine Buebendorf
    Justine Buebendorf
    Licensed Hair Stylist-Hair Stylist
    Justine can make any one "trend ready" with her ability to know what is in style at the moment. She is also a braid master who can design anyone's hair into an elegant timeless style.
  8. Tiffany Adams
    Tiffany Adams
    Licensed Hair Stylist-Hair Stylist
    Tiffany is the "bump" queen and knows exactly how to pin your hair to make it stay all night long. Your hair will be the same at the end of the night as it was in the beginning.
  9. Katie Lewin
    Katie Lewin
    Makeup Artist
    Kate is our wild child who would drive through a tornado to get to your event. She is an "eye master" who will make you look like a runway model with a few flips of her hand.
  10. Jacklyn Biagi
    Jacklyn Biagi
    Licensed Hair Stylist- Hair & Makeup Artist
    Jackie is the whole package, rattling off amazing hair while doing airbrush quality makeup with eyeliner so precise you would think she used a ruler!
  11. Jackie Crugnola
    Jackie Crugnola
    Licensed Hair Stylist-Hair & Makeup Artist
    As soon as Jackie became available we grabbed her. She does it all with ease. Beautiful hair and timeless makeup.
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Dani Poutre

Administrative-Tech Guru